Unboxing the Delightful Pureneemo Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron

I started my doll collection with Dollfie Dream Dynamite Towa. While I think the large scale ball-jointed dolls are incredible, I was soon aware of their major shortcomings, namely the lack of portability and also the comparative difficulty in getting them to pose well.

Soon I was drawn to the world of the Azone Pureneemo doll. Pureneemo dolls are roughly 40% of the height of your average Dollfie Dream, and they’re significantly lighter too. With increased portability they make excellent travel companions for those time when you need an emotional support doll but just don’t have the room. Plus their plastic torsos and squishy heads are less delicate and less susceptible to staining than Dollfies are. Just keep Pureneemos out of direct sunlight and of course don’t feed them after midnight.

Azone Pureneemo EX Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron

Koron was my third Pureneemo doll. I picked her up with a consignment of other Japanese goods from legendary second hand goods store Mandarake. Having said that, Koron was in brand new condition when I purchased her.

My first two Pureneemos were Re:Zero Rem and Ram. However, I found myself drawn to the Magical Ex Cute range of girls too. I bought Koron as a companion to Ex Cute Floral Ease Miu. Don’t you think they look great together…?

Azone Pureneemo dolls Magical Ex Cute Koron and Flora Louise Miu

In case you hadn’t realised, Koron is on the left (in red) while Miu is on the right (in green). If you’re interested in Floral Ease Miu, here’s my unboxing blog entry about her.

Both girls are very similar and this extends to the packaging and the contents of their boxes. So let’s rip that box open (carefully) and see what we get for our hard earned cash…

Unboxing Pureneemo Ex Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron

A really nice touch is that like other Azone dolls, the cardboard insert can double as a photographic backdrop.

Both Koron and Miu come with wands, together with a spare set of holding/gripping hands. They didn’t come with the tonne of different hands like my witch girl Mia did though.

The wands are really nice and perfectly complement their respective outfits. However I’m kind of scared of losing them or breaking them so I’ve now put them safely back in their boxes. Personally I prefer the Pureneemos’ default spread out hands anyway.

Azone Pureneemo Ex Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron doll

Koron came with two beautifully illustrated booklets. They’re entirely in Japanese so I’m not too certain what they say. Koron’s own booklet shows her accessories and there’s a mini manga storyline. Sometimes the booklets give specific instructions for how to attach particular accessories on the doll. In Koron’s case there weren’t actually any instructions on how to attach her hair ribbons, but they were straightforward to clip over her twin-tails.

The other booklet is the standard Pureneemo doll care brochure. Again it’s only available in Japanese but appears to give detailed instructions on hair care. There are also instructions for how to clean their bodies as well as their clothing.

One thing I love about Pureneemos is that they have cellophane hair protectors which makes their hair pressed down for a little while after you remove them from the packaging. I guess this is part of their appeal, much like the new doll smell that you get with recently unboxed Dollfie vinyl dolls.

Azone Pureneemo Ex Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron in packaging

You might notice that Koron looks a bit cramped up in that box and you’d be right. For a while I had issues with her head not sitting perfectly straight on her shoulders, so I had to remove her head and jiggle it around a bit…

Attaching a Pureneemo doll head

I’m still not sure that Koron’s head is properly on her body. Thankfully I’ve not encountered the same issue with my other Azone dolls, so it might just be a quirk of this particular doll.

I’ve encountered two minor annoyances with this particular doll. Firstly her shoes quite often come off and it’s a little fiddly putting them on, not least due to the delicate ankle straps. For some reason Floral Ease Miu’s shoes don’t come loose quite so often.

A second issue I’ve encountered is that her red chest bow never seems to be straight, and I often forget to correct it when I’m taking photos of her.

Pureneemo Ex Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron on the beach

Both are very minor issues though. I will say that these particular Pureneemos are superbly poseable due to their Flection bodies. They also stand up very well, even in their heels. Both Koron and Miu will happily stand on my desk all day and don’t fall over due to typing vibrations or computer mouse movements.

I’m also confident enough in her standing ability to take her for outdoors photoshoots:

Pureneemo Ex Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron balancing on a beach groyne

I had no problems whatsover with posing Koron on the beach – she’s a great model!

I should just mention that many Pureneemo doll models come in two versions – a standard edition and a limited edition that I believe is normally only available through the Azone store. If you’re ever in Japan then this is worth bearing in mind. However, if you absolutely want to get your hands on a particular limited edition doll then they do sometimes appear for sale on Mandarake. I did manage to find the limited edition version of witch Mia, although my excitement was tempered when I realised her white (instead of the regular black) boots had disintegrated over time.

Azone Pureneemo Floral Ease Miu doll

Usually the limited edition versions have different outfit and hair colours. With Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron the limited edition has ginger hair and a single hair bow. I’ve tried a spot-the-difference on their outfits but I have to say they appear identical. Personally I prefer the regular edition of Koron as I love her long pink twin-tails and red ribbons.

Pureneemo Ex Cute Magical Cute Happy Shiny Koron instagram filter photoshoot

So will you be trying to get your hands on this version of Koron? I’d love to know what you think about her – do please leave a comment below!

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