Kizuna AI Dollfie Arrival and Mandarake Mega Haul

Here’s my first pic of our new Dollfie Dream Sister arrival. She is of course the world famous vtuber Kizuna AI. If you’re specifically interested in Kizuna, here’s my in-depth review of her Dollfie doll.

Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna AI doll
First impressions of Dollfie Kizuna:
  • Her faceup is beautiful, and is much more subtle than Uzuki Shimamura’s.
  • Her blueish green eyes are an intriguing colour.
  • The brown wig really complements her eye colour.
  • She has a really neat two piece bodysuit. I guess they made it that way so you can see her exposed midriff. If they sold these bodysuits separately then I’d definitely buy some for my other girls.
  • Her shorts were really difficult to put on. Oh man, they are tight!
  • It’s nice she comes with ‘rock’ hands (as in rock, paper, scissors). My previous Dollfie (Uzuki) came with gripping hands so it’s good that Volks vary their default hands like this. It’s a pity that most Dollfie Dream dolls only come with a single set of hands. I’ve bought a few Azone Pureneemos now and they always seem to come with a wide selection of different hands.
  • My major worry about Kizuna is that this outfit may not age well, as it’s almost entirely made from pleather, and this material is notorious for falling apart. I bought some pleather coated shoes from AliExpress and they started flaking off after just a couple of months! Hopefully Kizuna’s outfit will last a lot longer than that. I will just add that I’ll probably re-dress her in another outfit. I might get her a different wig too. Dollfie default outfits are cute and everything, but they’re kind of irreplaceable.
Here’s the rest of our mega haul, which Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura seems to be unboxing on my behalf.
Mandarake Dollfie and Japanese Azone doll haul

There’s a lot here, but the highlights are 3 Azone Pureneemos, 3 Picconeemos, 2 Dollfie outfits, 1 pair of Dollfie shoes, plus some anime memorabilia.

We have much more to unbox, and I’d just like to say that Mandarake’s packaging is amazing (as always).

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