Dollfie Dream 7th Dragon III Samurai (Yaiba) Outfit Try-On

Today we have a very special outfit for one of our Dollfie girls to try on. The outfit was released by Volks back in May 2017. We found the outfit on sale on the Volks Japan website in the Autumn of 2022. If you want to find older outfits in a brand new condition then always check the Volks website from time to time. They do sometimes put older outfits on sale – we bagged the Kagamine Rin/Len Daughter of Evil and Servant of Evil sets in the same order.

Dollfie Dream Samurai Yaiba outfit photoshoot

As you can see in the photo above, the model for this outfit is the stunning Uzuki Shimamura (Smile & Sweets Edition). If you’re interested in acquiring a Dollfie ball-jointed doll then I can highly recommend this sweetie.

Forgive my ignorance but I don’t know too much about the 7th Dragon III computer game the outfit is based on. Apparently the character is called Yaiba and she’s a samurai. Volks also sell an outfit based on the Azerin mage character but I’m less keen on this one.

Here’s what the outfit’s packaging looks like:

Dollfie Dream 7th Dragon III Samurai Yaiba Outfit Set

As with all things Volks (and Japan in general) it’s very well packaged with plenty of oxygen absorbing packages to keep the outfit in pristine condition.

Unboxing the package shows that this outfit has a lot of components. As such it’s pretty decent value, considering it comes with both a decent wig and some really nice knee boots.

Volks Dollfie Dream Samurai Yaiba outfit components

Sorry for blurry photo quality. Anyway, the package contains (from top left):

  • White button up jacket.
  • Grey button up shirt.
  • White pleated tennis-style skirt.
  • White hair band. This can be bent into shape to fit your doll’s head.
  • Black lace up boots with blue laces. They zip up at the back so they’re not too difficult to put on.
  • Black hand things… I’m not sure what they’re called but they’re not as big as fingerless gloves.
  • Purple short haired wig.
  • Blue necktie.
  • Blue thigh-high over the knee socks.
  • Backpack and thigh garters with pockets for stuff.

Putting the outfit on wasn’t particularly difficult. Boots are always potentially tricky, but the back zipper was a great help. Doing up the boots was tricky as I found I had to hold the two sides together and hope that the material didn’t crack.

The knee socks are very long and on the ever-so-slightly-too-long for Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki. They’d look find on a regular Dollfie Dream like Miku Hatsune, and I’m sure they’d also look awesome on a Dollfie Dream Dynamite girl like Towa.

For the fingerless glove things I bought Uzuki a different set of hands because I am wary of the black material staining. I opted for the DD2-H-06 hands pack. These are holding/gripping hands and quite similar to Uzuki’s default hands.

Dollfie Dream DD2-H-06 hands pack

One tip I have when buying Dollfie hand packs is to also purchase a pair of the hand pegs (on the left in the photo above). They don’t cost that much and make it much easier to swap your dolls’ hands over.

As to the staining issue, I’m happy to report that Uzuki’s new hands haven’t been stained at all by the gloves. Incidentally she’s wearing a bodysuit because I was kind of worried about those blue socks staining her legs. The rest of the outfit should be fine, although that purple wig could be suspect. For this reason Uzuki’s wearing a wig cap too.

This outfit does take a while to put on. The shirt is quite tight. Uzuki has a medium bust so it would be slightly easier to put onto a small busted Dollfie like Miku Hatsune. Of course the outfit also has a lot of components, so it’s not an outfit to put onto a doll if you’re in a hurry.

I’m sure you’ll agree the outfit is generally an excellent fit on Uzuki. As I mentioned previously the socks are a little long. The elastic suspenders on the leg pockets are also a little long for a Dollfie Dream Sister. It’s not really noticeable in the photos though.

Here’s the whole outfit:

Dollfie Dream 7th Dragon III Yaiba outfit

To complete Uzuki’s look I 3D printed her a knife from a pattern I found on Thingiverse. I think it looks really great and you’d probably not know that it didn’t actually come with the original outfit.

Here’s some more photos of Uzuki. The short hair wig makes it easier to take photos outside without fear of the wig’s strands of hair blowing everywhere and ruining both wig and photo.

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura cosplay photoshoot

I can highly recommend this outfit if you want to get an interesting new look for your ball jointed dolls.

Would you buy this outfit for your dolls? What do you love or dislike about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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