Get Ur Dolls Ready for Winter with this Awesome Dollfie Dream Bear Raincoat Set!

Here’s Dollfie Dream ball-jointed doll Uzuki Shimamura wearing the super cute Volks Bear Raincoat set:

Dollfie Dream bear raincoat set

The raincoat is pretty big so it will fit all Dollfie Dream doll sizes (and Super Dollfies too). Here it’s being modelled by Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura.

The front is done up using poppers, so it’s really easy to put on your dolls. My only critisism is that the hood is rather on the large size and looks a bit oversized. It’s also difficult to keep the hood up if you decide to do some outdoors photography of your girl. It was actually really tricky to take the photo above because the hood kept blowing down! There’s also the non-trivial endevour of trying to stuff all of your doll’s hair into the hood. I clearly lost the battle with Uzuki, though I guess human models have much the same problems with on location photoshoots.

Dollfie Dream BJD outside exploring her environment

The outfit also come with a pair of matching yellow and white Wellington boots. Again these will fit pretty much any Dollfie Dream girl (or boy).

Dollfie Dream doll wearing raincoat and boots

All in all this is a nice little outfit to have, and it’s a lot cheaper than many other Volks outfits. So if you’re taking your dolls outside this winter then make sure they have a decent raincoat set, like this one.

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