Dollfie Dream Kagamine Rin Daughter of Evil Outfit

Here’s an unboxing of the Dollfie Dream outfit for Kagamine Rin’s Daughter of Evil saga.

First of all if you know your Dollfies then you’ll probably realise that my girl here is not actually Kagamine Rin. It is of course Kizuna AI in cosplay!

Dollfie Dream Daughter of Evil outfit

The outfit is said to fit DD and DDS (including boy) dolls. I didn’t have too many problems fitting the dress itself. The main issue I had was with re-clipping the orange bow attachment to her dress. The set does come with instructions for achieving this, but they’re all in Japanese.

Where I had major issues was with putting the Rin wig on Kizuna. It’s a really tight fit and I couldn’t even fit it over a stain-prevention wig cap. I don’t know if Volks have made the Dollfie heads slightly bigger, but it was a real disappointment. While I did get it on her head eventually, I’m kind of worried I damaged it a little. It’s such a shame because the Volks DD Hatsune Miku default style wig fits perfectly on my girls’ heads. In fact I’m such a fan of the Miku wig I bought another one at the same time I picked up the Daughter of Evil outfit.

I also had trouble fitting her trademark hairpins, so if I was doing a proper photoshoot I’d definitely re-fit them.

Here’s the full outfit. Apologies for not taking a better photo but this is a pretty delicate outfit for an outdoors photo shoot.

Dollfie Dream Daughter of Evil outfit

You can barely see them beneath this voluminous dress, but I should just mention the outfit comes with a matching pair of kitten heel shoes. All in all it’s a decent value outfit and I was really lucky to buy it from Volks Japan before it went out of stock again.

Incidentally if you’re not familiar with the song then it’s here:

I did also buy Kagamine Len’s matching Servant of Evil set but alas I don’t yet have a boy Dollfie. Maybe I’ll get one of my girls to do a bit of crossplay and see what it’s like to have a matching pair of cosplaying Dollfies.

Some more photos of this beautiful outfit. I restyled Kizuna’s hair grips so they stay in place better – essential when you’re doing outdoors photoshoots with your dolls!

Dollfie Dream Kizuna AI wearing Daughter of Evil dress

I am definitely growing to like this outfit. The other great thing about the outfit is that although the wig was a hassle to fit, once in place the hairs don’t blow around nearly so much as the hair of our more free-flowing wigs do.

Here’s a seaside photo of “Josephine”. Maybe she’s been banished by sailing ship to another isle?

Dollfie Dream Kizuna AI in Daughter of Evil outfit

More photos of beautiful Kizuna.

Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna cosplaying as Kagamine Rin (Daughter of Evil)

Here’s the full length of her voluminous dress.

Dollfie Dream Daughter of Evil dress (Kagamine Rin)

I guess the issue with this dress is that it’s so long her feet aren’t visible (and yes she does have legs underneath the dress). The outfit does also come with matching shoes too but again that dress is just soooooo long.

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