Dollfie Dream Tenshi No Koromo Outfit (Alice in Wonderland)

Here’s a rather wonderful Dollfie Dream BJD outfit I found on secondhand goods store Mandarake.

It’s called the Tenshi No Koromo outfit. The alternative name is the Volks – Tenshi no Koromo Petite Sugar Milk Heart set. I’m not sure what that would properly translate to, but the outfit is a great one if you want an Alice in Wonderland type of outfit for your Dollfie Dream ball-jointed doll.

The packaging says it fits all regular Dollfies (Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream Sister, Dollfie Dream, Dollfie Dream Dynamite). In the photos on this page the model is Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura (Smile & Sweets Edition). She has a medium bust size and it was a bit of a tight squeeze getting the blue undershirt to fit her. I’m not entirely convinced this outfit will fit my Dollfie Dream Dynamite Towa, but I’ll update this blog post if I ever get around to putting the outfit on her.

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura sitting in a tree wearing the Volks Tenshi No Koromo outfit

The outfit comes with a short-sleeves blue shirt, a silky blue skirt, blue necktie, the striped socks with frilly garters and the oversized hair bow. The hair bow clips into place.

The outfit also came with a couple of items I weren’t too sure about at first, because they’re not featured in the packaging. I worked out they must be removable arm sleeves, so thats where I placed them. They’re white with blue wrist bows.

Incidentally the outfit doesn’t come with shoes. The shoes Uzuki is wearing in these photos are the Volks Shoes Boutique SB-SD-207 design. They’re really nice but I did have to carefully adjust the buckles as Uzuki is wearing a bodysuit plus the outfit comes with some rather thick socks.

Uzuki’s wig is from AliExpress and I reckon it’s a pretty good fit for a modern reboot version of Alice in Wonderland.

Dollfie Uzuki Shimamura wearing the Volks Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura sitting in a tree wearing the Volks Tenshi No Koromo outfit

Apologies for the loose hair strands but we live near the sea and it’s always breezy here! Also as you might guess that hairbow is freaking huge! It’s quite tricky to get it positioned exactly in the right place, and I’m sure if Uzuki was working in a maid cafe in this outfit it would drive her nuts too.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an Alice in Wonderland style of outfit for your Dollfie dolls then this outfit is definitely worth a look. The outfit dates from April 2013 and is no longer available from Volks. If you look around Mandarake and other auction sites you’ll hopefully come across it.

Incidentally if pink is more your thing then there’s a quite similar Volks outfit available in pink. It’s called the Princess Pink Jumper set and here’s Kizuna AI wearing it:

Dollfie Dream vinyl dolls Kizuna AI and Uzuki Shimamura wearing cute pink and blue outfits

If you do want this outfit for your Dollfie then just be aware there’s a very similar outfit called the Princess Pink Dress. This one is also available for MDD dolls.

Here’s another photo of my two Dream Sisters:

Dollfie Dream ball-jointed dolls Kizuna AI and Uzuki Shimamura

Aren’t they both adorable? Which girl and dress are your favourites? Please do leave a comment below!

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