My New Dollfie Dream Trio

Here’s my new lineup of Dollfie Dream Ball-Jointed Dolls. Kizuna AI (right) arrived today and she’s adorable. Here’s my full review of Kizuna. Which girl is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.

In the centre is my first Dollfie – Dollfie Dream Dynamite (DDdy) Towa. She’s a standard model (so comparatively cheaper and easier to obtain than the collaboration/limited edition models). She’s wearing a Battle Vixens (Great Guardians) outfit specifically designed for Dynamite girls. More on this outfit later.

Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura, Dollfie Dream Dynamite Towa and Dollfie Dream Sister Kizuna AI

On the left (with the long hair) is Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) Uzuki Shimamura (Smile & Sweets version). She’s wearing her actual school outfit (which was originally sold as an optional extra). Note that this is the re-released version of Uzuki, so she’s on the newer DDf3 bodyframe. I should also mention that Kizuna is also a DDS so they are both the same height.

Strangely, the sizing of DDS girls seems to be a little awkward. You’ll notice that Uzuki’s blazer sleeves look a little long for her, like her mom bought her the slightly-too-large-sized uniform at the start of the school year in the hope that she’ll grow into it. By comparison, Kizuna’s shorts were a pain in the *** to get on her – they’re a super tight fit and I was scared of tearing the delicate pleather or ripping the fastener off.

Below is a second photo of Towa in the Dollfie Dream Dynamite Battle Vixens cosplay outfit. I bought this outfit second hand from Mandarake, and didn’t pay too much attention to the description. I think the outfit looks fabulous on Towa, and it’s a great match with her blue hair. This isn’t coincidental, because the original Dollfie Dream Battle Vixens girl also had blue hair, albeit a much darker shade.

If you’re super-observant then you’ll notice Towa isn’t wearing a white eye patch. I don’t know if the outfit was supposed to come with one, but we didn’t get an eye patch. Maybe it only came with the original doll, or it came with the wig.

Also the pullover has a really musty smell, and Towa said I should have washed it before she put it on! But I’d be kind of scared of it falling apart in the washing machine. Hand washing is another option, I guess.

The outfit also comes with a pair of boots (not pictured). These weren’t in amazing condition, and the pleather is showing signs of age, as well as the rubber boot surrounds coming loose on one of the boots.

Finally I’ve noticed the boots and particularly the skirt don’t seem to fit very well. I’m not sure if the original Dollfie Dream Dynamite body’s proportions were somewhat different in the older days.

Dollfie Dream Towa wearing Battle Vixens cosplay

In particular the skirt seems a little too big for Towa. It’s possible that it’s designed to be worn further down on the hips, but when I hitched it down the bulky button from the undershirt becomes very noticeable, like Towa’s sporting a very chunky belly piercing.

Incidentally, Towa is holding a beautiful shiny metallic Chobits phonecard. Whenever I order any dolls from Mandarake I often buy up any other anime goods that catch my eye. I’m a huge fan of Chobits, and I have a nice little collection of merchandise now. Some day I’d love to get one of my girls cosplaying as Chii. There is actually a Chii Dollfie, but given how rare she is, actually acquiring her would be highly unlikely.

Which of my trio of Dollfies do you like the best – Uzuki, Towa or Kizuna? Do let us know in the comments below!

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