Cool Vintage French Style Diorama For Dolls

I was browsing an antiques market the other day when I came across this beautiful object…

Hand made vintage French style doll diorama

It’s some kind of vintage model of a French Bric a Brac shop front. The interior appears to be lit too. I thought it would make a fabulous diorama for ball-jointed dolls. It’s sadly too small for Dollfie Dream dolls, but it looks absolutely perfect for 1/6th scale dolls, like my Azone Pureneemos.

I guess it might also work for Blythe dolls too, but their wide heads might not fit through that narrow doorway.

It’s a shame it’s not Dollfie sized because the birdcage is very reminiscent of the French style Super Dollfies. Also the chinoiserie style wallpaper inside the store is quite similar to the material used in a few Dollfie Dream outfits.

Anyway, if I return to the antiques market I might try to sneak in an Azone or two and grab a quick photo. I’d gladly buy the thing but sadly it says it’s not for sale, as the owner is far too attached to it. I guess this is one of the hazards of running an antiques store.

The tag did also state that it might be for sale at the right price, but what that price is, I do not know.

I guess if you wanted something similar it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one of these – please do give it a go if you have the necessary skills!

Update on Original Post

I went to the antiques market the other day in order to see if the diorama was still there.

It had gone!

I had even taken a couple of Pureneemos with me as I thought I could see if the diorama was indeed their size. Sadly we’ll never know.

Hopefully it found a new owner who appreciates just how cool an object d’art it is.

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