Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura Smile and Sweets Edition

I bought my first Dollfie Dream anime doll in the autumn of 2020. I knew my girl would be lonely without a sister, so I began searching and searching and searching for a Dollfie Dream Sister to accompany Towa.

It was so difficult to make a decision. There are a LOT of Dollfie dolls available, both new and on the secondhand market. Eventually I did come to a decision, so I set up some alerts on Japanese second hand store Mandarake and a few months later I received an email informing me that Uzuki Shimamura (Smile and Sweets Version) was in stock.

Let me tell you that if you’re looking for a particular non-current Dollfie then you need to act quickly! I hit the BUY NOW button on Uzuki just 2 hours after the email arrived in my inbox. So if you’re looking for a particular girl (or boy!) then decide who you want to add to your collection, acquire the funds then be ready to pounce should he or she appear for sale. I narrowly missed out on a Kagamine Rin because I was just too slow!

As well as being Towa’s younger sister, Uzuki is an actual sister – in this case a Dollfie Dream Sister.

Her full name is Uzuki Shimamura. This is actually the second time she’s featured as a Dollfie Dream BJD. This time she’s on the new DD-F3 internal frame which should hopefully make her more poseable and more robust.

She looks pretty similar to her previous incarnation in Dollfie form, but this time she comes with a stunning maroon and brown waitress outfit. Check it out below:

Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura

Doesn’t she look absolutely adorable?

My first girl Towa was tempted to try and put on that outfit herself but she’s a Dollfie Dream Dynamite and would have a hard time putting on Uzuki’s outfit since it’s designed for the smaller Dollfie Dream Sister girls. In fact the dress was a really tight fit on Uzuki and I had a tough time trying to fasten it up around her waist and chest.

Oh and in case you’re wondering Uzuki is wearing a Dollfie flesh coloured bodysuit. I was a little worried about this outfit staining Uzuki. However after squeezing Uzuki into Towa’s slightly-too-big-for-Uzuki bodysuit, I then realised that the bulk of the outfit is lined with white anyway. So it may not be the stain risk previously thought. Even though… you can’t be too careful with new outfits.

Uzuki is wearing a headcap because her wig is really dark and it doesn’t come with a light coloured integral headcap. I don’t know if wigs are a known source of stains but with a dark coloured wig like Uzuki’s one I would always recommend using it over a headcap. They only cost a few dollars and could prevent some nasty staining.

Uzuki has a really sweet voice and as you might have noticed from the photo above she comes supplied with a really cool looking microphone. She also has holding hands. Unlike Pureneemo dolls she doesn’t come with any other detachable hands.

Here’s a closer look at that microphone:

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura - Smile & Sweets Version holding her microphone

What a cool accesssory!

When Uzuki is wiping tables or serving steaming bowls of ramen noodles to customers then she can safely stow her microphone away in this handy pocket sewn into her apron:

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura - Smile & Sweets Version uniform pockets detail

Photo bomb time…

Dollfie ball-jointed dolls Uzuki Shimamura and Towa

As you can see from this photo Towa’s default faceup is quite a bit more subtle than Uzuki’s blushing. She has more of a smile too. At first I thought her faceup was a little too much, but now I’ve really gotten use to that happy smily face around the home.

Oh and if you’re wondering how tall a Dollfie Dream Sister is compared to a regular Dollfie Dream BJD then here are my first two girls back to back:

Dollfie DDdy and DDS height comparison

As you can see Towa is slightly taller than Uzuki, even allowing for the fact her platform heels are slightly higher than Uzuki’s heels. Also bear in mind Towa’s a Dollfie Dream Dynamite so I think she’s slightly (but only slightly) shorter than a regular Dollfie Dream model.

Anyway, if you own a regular Dollfie Dream then I can highly recommend letting a Dollfie Dream Sister into your life. It’s so much more fun having two dolls. Here they are wearing their matching ToHeart 2 sailor fuku outfits.

Dollfie BJD's wearing ToHeart 2 cosplay outfits

I ordered the regular Dollfie Dream sized version of this outfit well over a year ago but as I explained in the intro, it took me forever to decide on which Sister to get… there’s just so many amazing dolls out there!

By the way it can sometimes be difficult getting outfits that are a good fit for Dream Sister sized Dollfies. As you can see in the above photo the ToHeart 2 outfit is a pretty decent fit on Uzuki. Her sleeves look a little long but on the whole this is a great outfit for a DDS. I’ve personally not has as many issues as filling up Uzuki’s wardrobe as I have with my more recent Dollfie Dream Pretty girl Yayoi.

Back on topic, let’s have more of a look at that stunning Smile & Sweets outfit. Here’s Uzuki’s super kawaii heels…

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura - Smile & Sweets Version kawaii doll shoes

They’re really easy to put on as there’s a side popper on the straps. These shoes are seriously adorable!

The downside to such adorable shoes is that it’s been our experience that leather/pleather shoes don’t tend to age very well as they seem to get worn out at a similar speed to human sized shoes.

Fortunately we have quite a number of different outfits now so we’ll probably rotate the use of them so that Uzuki’s default outfit doesn’t wear out too quickly.

Time for a quick twirl and here’s the large back bow on Uzuki’s dress:

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura - Smile & Sweets Version dress back detail including ribbon

Luckily this bow comes pre-tied so I didn’t have to spend ages trying to get it symmetrical like I needed to on Towa’s dresses.

Oh and in case you want to know what’s going on underneath that voluminous brown dress, here’s a photo Uzuki would definitely blush about if she knew it was being posted online…

Dollfie Dream Uzuki Shimamura - Smile & Sweets Version underwear bloomers

So as you can see her outfit comes with a big pair of frilly Victorian style bloomers… these keep the chance of wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum, even on the windiest of days.

If you look closely you can also see a white gauze inner skirt. This helps give more volume to the dress itself. There might actually be a special word for these types of undergarment. A few Dollfie outfits have them, including the Kitty Ears set Towa’s wearing in a photo further up this page.

I guess it’s time for a summary. What to say about Uzuki – she’s absolutely stunning. If you get the chance to add her to your BJD collection then snap her up like I did!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about Dollfie Dream Sister Uzuki Shimamura then please do leave a comment below, and thanks so much for reading our blog.

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