Impulse Buy of Adorable Dollfie MDD Mochi-Ashi BJD

Dollfie Dream ball-jointed doll collecting can be somewhat addictive.

These girls (or boys) just LOVE company.

Now I never intended to get a MDD, much less a Mochi-Ashi one. But one evening I was perusing one of the Facebook Dollfie doll enthusiasts groups where the most adorable doll appeared in a FOR SALE posting.

My eyes widened as the listing’s doll ticked many of my boxes:

  • Mochi-Ashi body.
  • Tan skin colour.
  • Elf ears.
  • Uber-cute outfit.
  • Adorable head.
  • Owner hadn’t rekt her with a stupid face-up.

And the big one:

  • Doll seller located in my home country.

I sat up and did some thinking.

Oh, who am I kidding? I didn’t need to think about this!

Many, many, many people were interested in her.

But I had the funds, and could send them immediately.

So I contacted the seller, and later that day funds exchanged hands.

A couple of days later she arrived at my door.

When I unboxed her, I was overjoyed to realise she was indeed a genuine Dollfie Dream. However I was a little disappointed because:

  • She didn’t come with her adorable outfit.
  • Her joints were, ugh, not great.

I shrugged my shoulders, because the critical thing was that her vinyl skin was in perfect condition. The poor little girl has most likely had several different owners in her short little life, plus some weird mods, but her vinyl was mint.

This new girl was my first ever custom Dollfie Dream. As such she didn’t have an assigned name. I decided to call her Misaki. Apparently in Japanese that means beautifully new grown flower.

I’m still on a Dollfie learning curve, but I’ve learnt a lot from acquiring Misaki.

The first lesson is that there actually isn’t a huge amount of difference between Dollfie Dream vinyl skin tones. Certainly the differences are much more subtle when compared to Smart Dolls. Tan is a little darker than Flesh, but only a little. Incidentally if you’re new to Dollfie Dream dolls then the issue with Tan dolls is that they are:

  1. Mostly only available through the Dream Choice system, which means you have to visit a physical store in Japan (or get a proxy to do the shopping on your behalf). Anthy Himemiya was released as a tan doll in 2022, but these general tan doll releases are very infrequent.
  2. Only available in the spring and summer seasons – in autumn and winter dolls with the white skin tone are available instead. This is a neat quirk of Dollfie buying but it definitely limits when you can potentially acquire a tan Dollfie.

Another cool thing about Misaki is that she came with elf ears (which I gladly paid extra for). Her elf ears fit over her regular ears. Incidentally, her elf ears don’t fit on other Dollfie dolls. Only certain heads have the right type of ears to be able to take on elf ear attachments. Misaki is on the very popular DD-H-21 head.

I’m not sure where Misaki’s wig was originally from, but it’s a really gorgeous wig. Volks generally aren’t known for making terrific wigs. Towa’s default wig is pretty terrible, although I might have to re-evaluate Volks’ wigs since the Miku Hatsune Empty Sekai wig is astoundingly brilliant.

I quite like Misaki’s original purple eyes. They contrast very well with her silver wig. Whoever originally commissioned her had excellent taste. Incidentally of all my girls I reckon DDP Yayoi Takatsuki has the most amazing eyes.

I realise I’ve rambled endlessly without showing you guys a photo of Misaki, so here she is. She’s not wearing her default silver wig or purple eyes. Her eyes were held in with blu-tac so I was easily able to swap them out and replace them with my only other BJD eyes, the ones that come with the Miku Hatsune Empty Sekai outfit.

Dollfie Dream Tan MDD with DD-H-21 head and elf ears, Empty Sekai eyes and wig

I would say the biggest problem with my Mochi-Ashi girl is that her hip joints aren’t great and posing her in the sitting position is very likely to lead to her leg/legs falling off. This is the major issue I found with my first Dollfie – Dollfie Dream Dynamite Towa. If you want a Dollfie to photograph and pose in many different poses then the body type I’ve found most suitable for that is the Dollfie Dream Sister body.

Speaking of Towa, here’s MDD Misaki (on the right obviously) with Dollfie Dream Dynamite Towa on the left.

Dollfie Dream Dynamite Towa and custom MDD Mochi-Ashi BJD

Towa’s wearing Ryomou Shimei’s gothic outfit from Ikki Tousen (Battle Vixens) and her hair is a Snow Miku wig. Misaki is wearing the silver wig she came with. I don’t know where it came from but it’s not a Volks wig. Their 1:3 scale doll snacks are from UK retailer Primark – they’re actually human sized lip gloss.

Misaki’s fish/UFO catcher sweatshirt is from a vendor on Etsy. The hoodie actually contains a hole for a ponytail to fit through, but as Misaki’s currently wearing her hair in bunches this isn’t such a useful thing to have. Incidentally she’s actually wearing one of Towa’s DDdy sized skirts, and the bagginess of it isn’t too apparent since most of it is hidden beneath that comfy sweatshirt.

Misaki’s doller skates (lol) are from a vendor on Etsy. They’re a perfect fit for MDD dolls with chubby Mochi-Ashi feet and legs, so they’re a great option if you’re struggling to find footwear that fits them. I would say that they’re not cheap, and the wheels don’t move either. That’s probably a good thing because the last thing you want is for your doll to wheel away and fall over.

Lessons learnt?

If you’re going to buy a doll from Facebook or eBay or another online marketplace then do research what you’re actually buying. Don’t be afraid to question the buyer in regards to what the doll actually comes with, as well as his/her general condition.

Also despite my huge problems with them in the past (including a bank account-draining hack and an account ban) PayPal’s buyer protection is really useful in such cases. Try to also pay with a credit card where possible.

Have you ever impulse bought a BJD online? How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments below.

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